Vegan Quinoa and Lentil Bowl

The flavour in this Quinoa and Lentil bowl was amazing!


Sometimes it’s nice to have something a little more on the lighter side, this bowl is great for that. It is super healthy for you and like I said the flavour is amazing!

When we were on vacation we ate at Paneras a lot with our family, and the only thing there that I would have that was Vegan was their Vegan Quinoa Lentil Bowl and I really liked it except that it was mostly broth so I knew that I wanted to have a little more substance to mine. After a little research this is what I came up with and it is very close.

So, heres what you need

Splash of oil

1 onion diced

3/4 lentil ( I used dry but you could use canned)

1/4 cup Quinoa

1 bay leaf

1 cup spinach ( I used Frozen)

1 cup Kale (I used Frozen)

1/4 tsp Cayenne

1/4 tsp Paprika

1 instant Dried Miso sachet (or 2 TBSP miso paste)

2 cloves of garlic

4 cups veggie broth

1 cup water (if needed)

Salt and Pepper

In a medium Dutch oven over medium heat add your oil,

Add your onion, and cook for a few minutes,

Now add your spices, lentils and quinoa and let cook for a minute or two,

Add your broth, your miso soup and bay leaf and let this cook for 20-25 minutes. (Maybe 10 min if you used cam Lentils)


Add your kale and spinach, let simmer for a minute then remove from heat.

If you find yours too thick just add a bit of water. I really like it on the thicker side, and I find it to be more filling this way.   Taste to make sure you have added enough salt and pepper and that your lentils are done to the texture that you like.

Serve with a  piece of lemon and a fresh roll!

I hope you enjoy, great taste, great nutrition all in one bowl.



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