Mr. Munchy (VEGAN) Easter Bunny

Mr Munchy Easter Bunny!


Time is close and the stores are filled with chocolate.  I have a weakness for chocolate as many of you do! I wanted to have some Easter treats this year for my home that were like the chocolates I would get from the easter bunny as a child, one of my favorites was Mr. Munchy. I find it very hard in the area I live in to find vegan easter chocolates so I decided to make my own. Honestly it could not have been any easier! These are also Gluten Free.

2 Ingredients is all this takes and I am sure you will be able to still get some easter molds in the stores, or on amazon.

1 Pkg Enjoy Life Vegan Chocolate mini chips

1 full cup of Rice Krispies

1 Bunny baking mold


Using the double boiler technique melt 3/4 bag of your chocolate chips, make sure to not get any moisture in your chocolate or it will not temper properly.


IMG_1171 IMG_1172





Once the chips are melted remove from the heat and add the remaining chips to the bowl to reduce the temperature of the chocolate.

The first thing I did was take my mold and put a nice thin layer of the melted chocolate to the base of the mold so that my bunny would have a nice smooth finish. Be sure to do this quickly as the chocolate cools down very fast.


Mix the Rice krispies into your remainder melted chocolate a little at a time to make sure that the chocolate mixture isn’t too dry, spoon into the mold and flatten out nice firm and even.


Let the chocolate set, I placed my Bunny in the fridge for a little as I am not the most patient of people when it comes to treats!


Once the bunny has hardened remove from the mold, as you can see I removed mine a little too fast and cracked him a bit so I had to put back in the fridge,  but it turned out great anyway.


This one didn’t make it long before we had it eaten. Looks like I will need to make more for this weekend, They would be a really cute gift as well.


Come back soon!


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