The Villages, Cycling

We go The Villages in Florida every couple of years to visit with my in-laws while they stay for a few months in the Winter. This year we thought that we would rent a couple of bikes while we were there. This was our first time cycling in The Villages, our son is now 11 so we don’t feel so bad about leaving him with his grandparents for a couple of hours so we can go for a ride and take in the sights.

We didn’t take our own bikes for a few reasons, one we didn’t know how much time we actually would have to spend on our bikes as it is a family vacation with our son so we figured we would try just renting bikes to see if next time we go we should take our own bikes.


We biked on the cart paths where the golf carts drive because it felt safer than the main highway that is next to it. It was very easy to get lost as everything looked the same, and one wrong turn on the cart under paths and you could end up going in the complete opposite way that you meant to on the opposite side. This happened to us a couple of days but you can always find you way back (with the help of your GPS).


Some of the paths were so gorgeous, this one we took on accident was a beautiful stretch with trees covering you lined in rows. It was definitely worth the wrong turn.

Our vacation was packed with some day trips so we woke up early and wanted to ride before we left for the day, we were so excited just to be able to ride bikes we didn’t think about the temperature. When we came on this trip we really thought that it was going to be hot days and didn’t plan on having to take anything for cooler temperatures, Rookie Mistake. We left the house 7am with a temperature of 1 degree celsius with frost covered roofs, Mother F-ing COLD. We ended up cutting our ride short due to cold hands and feet and went to the closest coffee shop and to thaw before hustling back home in the cold.


Mid mornings were a better time to go for temperatue as the sun would get strong very fast and it felt so good, but crazy busy with golf carts.



It was great to be able and bike around The Villages, It was a lot of fun but we have decided that for us we wouldn’t bike here again. Maybe if we knew some routes outside the towns that we were comfortable with it would be different but for just the 2 of us figuring it out we are going to pass. There were just too many stops along the way, as soon as we would be going along nicely we would have to cross the cart paths, so it took ages to get anywhere and was very nerve wrecking with kids and adults driving carts everywhere!IMG_0692.jpg

All in all we did have a wonderful time, and made some nice memories!



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