Lip Scrub

Winter can really make for dry conditions. If I am not out in the cold air then usually I am inside by the heater getting warm or having a bath every night, sometimes twice to warm myself to the bone. All of this really wreaks havoc on my skin hair nails lips you name it.

I don’t like to use any items tested on animals, and I have sensitive skin so I have found this limiting to what products to use. The best way for me to deal with this is to make my own skin care items at home when I can. The first one I want to share with you is my LIP SCRUB.

I had purchased my first lip scrub from Lush and loved it but realized how cheap and easy it would be just to make my own. You can find recipes all over the internet on different ideas and ways people love to make lip scrubs. They are so good all year long but I really find them nice this time of year as my lips tend to peel a lot from the cold. Lip scrubs are also great to use a few days a week to keep your lips in really good shape for lip-stick too.


Anyway, enough of me rambling! Here is my favourite Lip Scrub recipe

1 large tbsp Brown Sugar

1 drop Vanilla

Squirt of Agave Syrup (just to moisten everything together)


Mix in a little dish until combine and that’s it, ready to use. Make sure to keep a lid on it so it doesn’t dry out. This should last a couple of weeks, I apply mine every few days to my lips and gently rub, and they feel amazing!



WARNING!!!! You will want to lick it all off your lips.

Hope you enjoy!


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